Rick Ross Suffers Second Seizure While On A Private Jet, 50 Tweets Advice

In an effort to assure his fans that he was okay after losing conscious on a plane earlier today, Rick Ross tweeted a video of himself boarding a private jet before leaving Ft. Lauderdale. Unfortunately, shortly after the jet departed for Memphis, it had to make an emergency landing in Birmingham because Rick Ross suffered yet another seizure. He is now at a hospital in stable condition.

Ricky was determined to make it to Memphis where he is scheduled to perform at FedExForum tonight as well as open a Wingstop restaurant tomorrow. It’s unclear if he’ll make it to the restaurant opening tomorrow but it looks as though he won’t be making the concert tonight.

Twitter Followers of one of his biggest rivals, 50 Cent, asked if 50 had words for Rozay and he responded:

Yea he gotta take care his self

When they asked if he would pray for Rick Ross, he responded:

No but I don’t wish DEATH on him my grand father had a seizure

Rapper Q-tip also tweeted words of encouragement for Rick Ross:

Prayers up 4 @rickyrozay homie rest up. Your health is bigger than bizness

Watch video of Rick Ross on a private jet below:

Hopefully he slows it down. No more planes tonight..or this weekend for that matter. Rest up Ricky!


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