Rihanna’s Love Interest Dudley Speaks On New Video: ‘We Were Just Like Mates’

A few months ago, 22-year-old boxer and model Dudley O’Shaughnessy was living his life in normalcy and privacy, and then he was hand picked by Rihanna for her new video. After being featured as her leading man in ‘We Found Love,’ Dudley found himself in the limelight. Now, the world is curious as to who this blue-eyed mystery man may be.

ThisIsLondon.com recently caught up with the boxer turned model of Black Irish descent and he discussed what it was like to work with Rihanna as well as his upbringing, his personal style, and his boxing career.

On Working With Rihanna
“I wasn’t starstruck at all … She’s just such a nice girl. It’s not like just because she’s achieved so much that she thinks her sh*t don’t stink. She’s such a humble, down-to-earth girl and that made it even better for me because I didn’t feel intimidated or anything. We just got along. We were just like mates.”

On the sex and kissing scenes
You’ve just got to get into it. It took about three-and-a-half days to film. I loved it. I didn’t want it to end. Not just because it was ‘a certain person’s’ video but just because I love being on set.”

“Everyone has been surprised and shocked, but everybody is happy for me.”

On His Style
My mum helps me shop; she tells me what to wear. All I used to wear was grey tracksuits. Sometimes I used to wash the top and not the bottoms, so the top would be a different color. You’d have to get a new tracksuit so it looked the same.”

On His Boxing Career and How He Transitioned Into Modeling
I was ranked number one in the country. I was a prospect for the Olympics.[...]It wasn’t me thinking I want to quit. I won the championship and still got overlooked by Team GB. I was down. When something is your dream and you do everything you need to do to get to your dream, but then you’re still not getting picked, you think: ‘What will I do?’ I was thinking, I’m going to have to get a normal job now. I’ll have to be a plumber or something.

On His Love Life
“It’s not that I’m looking [for a girlfriend] … I don’t want to say I want a girlfriend or I don’t. If it happens, it happens.”

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