Rihanna’s New Video “You Da One”

Rihanna apparently loved her short blonde outfit in the Armani ad. How do we know? Well, she decided to make a music video with blonde wigs which has released recently.

Titled “You Da One”, the singer appears in three different blonde styles. She also manages to keep it playfully raunchy throughout the entire video. This is her second “Talk That Talk” single.

What do you see in the video? You see her grabbing her crotch and dropping it low as she runs. She also rolls her body around a London factory. Her cute outfit in black nylon, netted two-piece suit, black suspender, blouder caps and nude-colored underwear will keep you hot ’till the end.

The video is mostly black and white. But that’s what makes it even more ‘matching’ to the song. Watch the video below:

Spotted @ NecoleBitchie.