Slim Thug Discusses “Houston”


Rapper Slim Thug shared some details regarding his latest mixtape, “HOUSTON.” In an interview with AllHipHop, Slim discussed the project, which also features Curren$y, Marcus Manchild, Z-Ro and several other notables.

“Man really, I’m just having fun. That’s it, just going to the studio having fun with my patnas man. Ideas came and I just wanted to stay in the studio,” Slim Thug told AllHipHop. “All throughout my career, I never really liked being in the studio, but now I finally started enjoying it. Sitting with a producer and building, I’m finally enjoying it now.”

“We ain’t plan the mixtape or nothing, I just said I wanted to drop a track every Thursday,” Slim explained. “Then we turned it into a mixtape and then my album. I’m just going to keep having fun, keep making music, stay in the studio and whatever it ends up on, it ends up on. I ain’t trippin, I’m having fun and getting money.”

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