Snoop Dogg Wins Big On ‘The Price Is Right’

Yesterday’s episode of Price Is Right was off the hizzle, fashizzle!

Snoop Dogg dropped by the long-running game show and brought some hip-hop flavor as he hosted a few segments and presented guests with prizes. During the episode, which was part of celebrity charity week, he gave away backstage access to his upcoming performance at the New Orleans Voodoo Festival and, in true “Price is Right” fashion, “A brand new car!” Snoop also gave some pretty good price estimates on grocery items that helped one lucky contestant win a pimped out ride. “You’re finna’ get it, baby!” Snoop told the girl reassuring her that she would get the new whip. And she did!

The Doggfather went on the show to raise money for the Snoop Youth Football League, and during his own turn at spinning the wheel and winning prizes Snoop did well earning almost $76,000. He even raffled off the “Snoop” name tag he wore for the day. This was a lifelong dream for Snoop, as he told one reporter he’s been a fan of the show since he was a kid.

Watch Snoop’s appearance below. It’s pretty funny! 
Snoop helps contestant win a whip

Snoop on hosting duties (He has a great game show voice LOL)