Solange Explains The Police Discrimination Against Her That Led To Weapons+Mike Vick Earns A $100 Mill Eagles Contract!

A couple of days ago, Solange Knowles went off via twitter about a run-in she had just had with Miami PD.  She claimed they were committing discrimination and even pulled out a weapon on her.

Now she’s revealed the deets as to what really went down.  Plus we’ve got the serious dollars Michael Vick just signed on the dotted line for, inside….

We posted Solange’s tweets about the Miami PD who she says was unnecessarily aggressive with her “for no reason.”  And even pulled a weapon on her.  Apparently the Miami PD mistreated Solange and her friends, lied in their reports, and Solo wants to give her side of the story. So she spoke to E! News about what really went down the other night:

“Never once during the incident did I even raise my voice,” Knowles tells us. “I feel very strongly about standing up for myself when something is wrong, and am very disappointed in the way that the Miami [Beach] Police Department has handled this case.”

She says that Knowles and two friends went to a club, where she somehow obtained a large balloon that they planned to give to a pal’s kid the next day.

They cabbed it to another night spot, where the bouncer informed them that they couldn’t take the balloon inside.

“They decided to go across the street to deflate the balloon, where they encountered two police officers who had casual, light-hearted conversation with them,” Knowles’ rep states. “One officer pulled out a switchblade and threatened to pop the balloon. They felt it was inappropriate, but the turning point happened when he then took out the switchblade a second time with the blade open and said to them, ‘I don’t find the humor in this, anymore.’ The blade was less than a couple feet away from Solange and her friends.”

The officer proceeded to “forcefully” ask them to move, gesturing that they cross the street though there was oncoming traffic, the rep continues.

“Solange then asked the officer what was it that they did wrong, and he forcefully responded again to move,” she told E! News. “When a taxi pulled up, they got in and headed home. Solange made a series of calls to report the incident and was told to be prepared to be arrested when she came in to report the incident if her story was false. Solange simply wanted to report that the officer pulled out a weapon, when she had done nothing illegal, disruptive or belligerent.”

Um, what?  Why do I feel like major chunks are missing from this story?  Anyway, Solo’s rep says she’s actvely filing charges on the cops.  And what’s the cops’ side of the story?

The MBPD previously said that a 5-foot-banana-toting Knowles was the one who became unruly with two off-duty police officers, who then guided her across the street to calm her down. They say that she had been loudly complaining that she was turned away from the nightclub for racial reasons.

“The whole entire incident was about the fact that she was not allowed in a club,” Officer Juan Sanchez told E! News. “And when she became abusive, she was pulled to the side. There was no mention of a gun. Considering it might be an internal investigation, I can’t tell you much other than that.”

*eyebrows raised*

Moving on, talk about a may-jah comeback!  31-year-old Philadelphia Eagle Michael Vick, who just a few years ago could barely even get a team to add him as a third string QB, just signed a 6-year $100 million contract with the Eagles, with $40 million of it guaranteed. 

He filed for bankruptcy in 2008 and signed a one year deal with the Eagles in 2009.  He moved into the starting position as QB last season and proved to the world he was supposed to be there.

Whoever negotiated that deal is GENIUS because NFLers rarely, if ever, get this kind of cash.   Especially not guaranteed.  He’s now one of the game’s highest paid players.  And as well as he played last year, he def deserves it. 

A lot of people can take notes from his comeback.  Stay quiet, stay humble, and let your talents speak for themselves.  CONGRATS VICK!