Solange: “No Questions about Beyonce”

We all know that Beyonce’ and her family become very tight lipped when it comes to their personal lives, so it shouldn’t come as a surprised or shock if they decline to talk about Beyonce’s pregnancy. Earlier this week, Solange was DJ-ing in a store during Fashion Night Out and was approached by ‘Today’ show co-host Hoda Kotb. According to a source, before Hoda could speak, Solange’s publicist/stylist/good friend, Charles Wade stopped her on her tracks saying,

“What do you want to talk to [Solange] about? She won’t answer questions about Beyoncé.”

Hoda replied that she only wanted to say ‘Hi’ and ask about the event but Wade didn’t believe her and reportedly got in her face with an aggressive attitude and said:

She won’t answer any questions about Beyoncé … I need to know what questions you’ll ask.”

Hoda politely replied, “No thanks,” and took her conversation over to Ivanka Trump.

Well Dayum! I can see where this would come off as rude but it was better to send her ‘bad guy’ then have the reporter ask Solo about Beyonce’s pregnancy and she promptly ‘check them’ herself. A few years ago, Solange almost went postal on a Fox 5 reporter after they asked her a question about Jay-z when she was suppose to be on the show promoting her new album.

If she wants to avoid Beyonce questions, she definitely has to skip out on interviews until the baby is born…

Spotted @ NecoleBitchie