Soulja Boy Arrested With Marijuana, & Guns

Say  it  an’t so Soulja!!!! Soulja Boy was apparently in possession of the firearm and marijuana that led to his arrest early Tuesday morning. TMZ is citing law enforcement sources who say police found the gun and the drugs in a briefcase belonging to the rapper.

Soulja Boy and four other men were pulled over in Temple, Georgia after police noticed that a light was out on the Escalade they were riding in. Authorities reportedly noticed a strong odor of pot in the vehicle, and went on to find a “substantial amount” of weed and a gun.

All five men were taken to a nearby jail and booked on gun and marijuana charges. They have all been released after posting bond. Soulja hold yo head up homie its will be ok!!!

This Comes on the same day he just released his first movie ‘Soulja Boy Documentary’ (Video) (Click Here)