Stevie Williams Hires Ludacris’s Manager


Pro skateboarder Stevie Williams has hired Ludacris’ manager, Chaka Zulu, to help take his career to the next level. The Philadelphia native is prepping to release a signature shoe line via Supra Footwear, and Zulu has a proven track record when it comes to branding. Zulu helped guide Ludacris’ expansion into various endorsement deals. Williams has numerous deals in the works, including with G-Shock and 9Five Eyewear

“My choice of being in business with Stevie Williams is simple,” Chaka Zulu told AllHipHop. “Having been in this game for years and being associated with iconic cultural brands and people, I feel that the people I choose to work with should also be that. Stevie has his culture in a headlock, he breathes his lifestyle everyday in watching his passion when he skates or speaks on taking the skate lifestyle further. It’s contagious. I want to help him setup a great system for the skate culture that will come after him. Watch his moves u will be amazed.”

Williams has landed the deal with Supra and another one with Casio. He’s focused on promoting his Dirty Ghetto Kids (DGK) brand.

“I don’t really pump and promote the words ‘Dirty Ghetto Kids’ but I do promote DGK,” Williams explained. “Like the message is not so much about Dirty Ghetto Kids being that I’m now grown and I have kids of my own. I’m not out there promoting a message of staying dirty and ghetto. It’s more of a message encouraging you to ‘take adversity head on.’ It’s challenging and above all, defy adversity. It’s more of an inspirational company than derogatory.”

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