Teyana Taylor: You Never Put Your Hands on a Female. Period.

Teyana Taylor is shedding light on the drama surrounding her and her recent big brawl with her movie director, Jean-Claude Lamarre.  She got her clothes ripped and face slapped when trying to leave the set to tend to her serous tooth issue.  And Lamarre gave his side of the story earlier today, now here’s hers.

Oh, and we have an insider’s take from a tipster who says the director likes to sleep with young girls to get them to do his movies…

Allegedly, this director who is working on Gang of Roses 2, is known int he industry for his shady behavior with young girls and moeny.  Here’s a tip that was sent in to us today–we can’t personally confirm or deny.  But this is an insider’s take on the alleged person Lammare is:

Ask your Black actress friends about Jeanclaude Lamarre. He is known for sh*tty straight to dvd movies, but NOTORIOUS in Hollywood for sleeping with young girls and promising them roles in movies, even though he is married with 2 small children. He has gotten into a fight before on a David E. Talbert production years ago in NY. He his a FEMALE co-star. Even in college he was notorious for fighting and stealing money from his school. Here is the NY Times article about him swindling money from CUNY.  If you have any Black actress friends that you are close to, ask them about this guy. I was not on that set, but I am willing to bet money this dude hit her first. In fact the producer on that roses movie is 22 and has been one of his many sidechicks for YEARS. And I don’t wish to have my email address known, for fear of retaliation from this guy. You have no idea!

And it doesn’t end there.  Teyana spoke out herself today and gave a detailed recount of what really went down on the set when the brawl took place.  She told Global Grind he didn’t have hair and makeup sevices for them, a barely-there trailer, it was unprofessional, and he didn’t care about her well-being:

Honestly at this point you know how when you’re just tired of all the drama, I’m just so over it and what that story (TMZ) sounds like, honestly it sounds like he was trying to promote his movie, that’s all that is. At the end of the day you don’t put your hands on any female, it was very unprofessional. That whole environment was very unprofessional, very inappropriate. It was just things that my eyes shouldn’t have seen. For him to put his hands on me was really hurtful. I don’t have a dad, I never had a dad and I ain’t about to have one today. I have never had a man raise his hand at me. It’s very emotional for me, it’s a very sensitive subject and at the end of the day, right is right and wrong is wrong. You never put your hands on a female. Period.

When I came on set there was no food, there was no hair stylist, no make-up and the trailer was the size of my tub. I had to get my agent and my mom, who is my manager, involved and then we started getting hair and make up, but that only lasted for one day. He was just mad because I came in there and he felt that I was about my business and he didn’t like that and it felt like he already had a grudge against me. I was really supposed to only film for five days. The day me and him got into that altercation, that was day seven. Out of the kindness of my heart I came to do extra scenes for him so he would have an ending to his movie.

On that day, my face was very, very swollen because of a problem with my tooth. That tooth thing was no joke. I could’ve died right there on set and he wouldn’t have even cared. That’s the point because he was more worried about himself. It was about him wanting to get his movie done so it was like, forget her tooth, her face is swollen but I want her to film more parts and I really don’t care if her face is swollen. He didn’t care and it took him to ignore my illness more than three times for me to finally raise my voice. I walked up to him and I was like — I walked to him crying, like my tooth is really hurting, my face is getting worse, I really have to go and he was like “Yeah okay … whatever…” He turned around and kept going about his business. So I raised my tone and I said look, I can’t wait a minute, I can’t wait two minutes, I can’t wait a second, I really, really need to go. He turned around and he said ‘Don’t f*cking scream at me b*tch’ and smacked his hand across my face and from there I defended myself.

A video chick and her man being your main co-stars should have been the first clue this wasn’t going to be a “professional” Hollywood blockbuster.  But still, a fight should have never taken place and a man should never touch a female–especially one half their age.  There’s always 3 sides to a story but this is looking real crazy on all sides….

P.S.  Teyana just weeted: Trust No Man, Fear No Bitch. – Trust No Bitch, Fear No Man.