The Return Of Marcus Cooper Also Known As Pleasure P Read more: The Return Of Marcus Cooper Also Known As Pleasure P

Former Pretty Ricky frontman Pleasure P has made some changes in his life over the past year. He’s reportedly single and flaunting a new buff body that he showed off via twitter recently.

He is also planning to release new music soon in hopes of bringing love and romance back to R&B. He tells Hip Hollywood:

Well, the new album is really about love and romance. I think that’s missing from music nowadays. I’ve been working on it for like a year and a half now. It’s good to be getting back out here. I’m still on Atlantic records, we got a whole new beginning coming for me.

You definitely may be seeing a Lil Wayne collab. I have a song called Nino Brown and I have a Drake sample in it but me and Drake are going to do something really soon. We actually got the opportunity to exchange songs with each other but he is going for a different sound now, so we have to agree on certain things, but its definitely going to take place.