T.I & Tiny Dish On Their Sex Life On VH1′s Big Morning Buzz

Rapper T.I. and his wife Tiny visited VH1′s Big Morning Buzz show this morning to promote their upcoming reality show, ‘A Family Hustle’. A few months ago, TI revealed that the couple would be writing a relationship book together, so what better topic to talk about on the show than their relationship? While there, the couple answered some intimate questions about what goes down between the sheets. TI’s face was priceless after Tiny revealed that KANDI hired her a stripper for her baby shower.

Check out the hilarious exchange and video below:

How important is that you shower before you “get busy”?
Tiny: Very important.
T.I: The shower after is more important.
Tiny: You gotta be clean before what comes before the shower
T.I: We cleaned up after and I figured that was more important. That’s wasting water; I’m going GREEN.

Who is Ryder?
Tiny: Ryder is Tip’s playmate. He actually created her; he doesn’t really know that but he brings her out.
T.I: PAUSE. How did that happen?

What does Ryder do that Tiny won’t do?
T.I: 5th…5th amendment!!!
Tiny: I get to be there and enjoy everything.
**sidenote: It looks at though Ryder is Tiny’s alter ego during sex**

Tiny, have you experimented with any of the products from Kandi’s “Bedroom Kandi” line?
Tiny: Not yet, but I will. I got to support my home team and it’s also right down my alley. Fun toys. I definitely have to dip into the Bedroom Kandi as soon as possible.
T.I: What alley? Which alley is down exactly?

Did you watch Kandi’s birthday episode with the stripper on “Real Housewives of Atlanta”?
T.I: What station is this?!
Tiny: I did catch the birthday episode.
T.I: (Imitates Kandi mother) “Why would you disrespect me like this?”

Did that episode surprise you as much as it did everybody else?
No, because I’ve known Kandi for a long time. Kandi has always had strippers at her events. She gave me my first baby shower and I had a stripper at my baby shower. One stripper at my first baby shower.

Will you guys be writing a relationship book?
T.I: Yeah, we just have to find time to do it. 

They are a trip!

Watch below