Toya Wright Speaks Out: ‘All I Can Do Is Pray & Fight For My Marriage’


Things are definitely all wrong at the Wright house.

In case you are wondering whether Toya Wright and her husband Memphitz’s marital problems were all a publicity ploy, Toya confirmed today that her relationship woes are definitely not made-for-TV.

This afternoon, after Memphitz threw his followers for a loop by posting on social media that he and Toya would be starring in a new VH1 show titled The Wright Thang, Toya took to her Instagram to speak out for the first time, and to let everyone know that her breakup is definitely not fake. In a genuine IG post, she wrote:

Choosing to live my life publicly grants [you] the rights to it’s trials. It has been both a blessing and a curse, filled with both love and hate. Although I’m grateful for the yin & yang of the entire process thus far, that choice has unfortunately come at a steep price….

She continued:

My husband is a good man and what he is going through is bigger than me and your judgement. I will continue to pray and for those that understand, I do thank you for your support. And for the record, there is no show with me and my husband.

She also added to the caption:

No matter what you may feel about me, all I can do is pray and fight for my marriage

You have to be a strong person to be able to reveal to the world that your marriage is falling apart versus attempting to keep up a facade.

Memphitz announcing a VH1 show got the mean side-eye since he is currently suing the network for defamation of character following K. Michelle’s allegations of him abusing her in the past on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. Not to mention, Toya just doesn’t seem like the type that would pretend her marriage was on the rocks to promote a new show.

That post had to have been posted out of mere sarcasm.