Trae is Done with “Street King”


Trae tha Truth is preparing for the release of his latest project Street King on June 28th. The Houston rapper has lofty ambitions for the album, which features Lil Wayne, Wiz Khalifa, Jadakiss, Big Boi and others.

“Street King is really one of the heavyweight greats coming from an independent or a major,” Trae told AllHipHop. “Of course the streets gravitate to the music because they are me and I am them, we are one.”

“I am no different than a cat on the corner trying to make a profit, I’m no different than a ni**a in the trap trying to do his thing, no different from a young gangsta on the block reppin’ his hood or his set, I’m no different from the little neighborhood ghetto superstar that everyone tries to be like.”

Trae also discussed working with youngsters like Khalifa and Yelawolf.

“I mean with Wiz, that boy cool, a lot of people that I work with I have been working with for a minute. Like with Wiz he will have you laughing a lot, Yelawolf is always excited, you just have different realms with different artists, but its mostly fun watching these cats do their thing,” Trae said.

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