[Video] Drake’s Dad Hits The Local News: Talks About Memphis Roots & Drake’s Beautiful Voice

On the eve of Drake’s sophomore album release “Take Care,” Drizzy’s dad Dennis Graham spoke to a local news station in Memphis about his son’s career. The former drummer for Jerry Lee Lewis took a walk down memory lane while discussing Drake’s early years and the influence of Memphis on his music.

According to Mr. Graham, Drake spent his summers with his dad in White Haven, Memphis, which is where he picked up his soulful style of music. He would hang out in the studios with his dad where legends like Al Green recorded.

I use to hold him in my lap and I use to hold him in my office while I played the piano, so this is how it got started. That’s why his metaphors are so phenomenal now because he’s been in Memphis. He considers Memphis home more than Toronto.

His father also says that Drake was hesitant about singing on any records at first but he encouraged him to be different. “Drake, you got a beautiful voice,” Dennis told his son and the rest is history. His father is now overjoyed that his son is one of the top rappers in the game. “My God, I look at him and I think “Oh, my God, this kid’s got it.” I said, “Drake, you’ve done it man.”

Check out video of Drake’s dad talking about his son’s success: