[Video] Guy Goes On Shooting Spree In Hollywood After Break Up With His Girlfriend

Last Friday while folks in Hollywood were getting ready for the weekend, a distraught man walked into the busy and popular intersection of Sunset and Vine in Los Angeles’ celebrity-filled district and began shooting at passing vehicles and bystanders. It took a while for most bystanders to react as they thought it was part of a movie set.

The shooter, Tyler Brehm, was an unemployed 26 year old who had recently moved to Los Angeles and had just went through a break up with his girlfriend of four years. She told the local news that he had started taking drugs and had been really stressed out lately.

Brehm injured three people, including a 40 year old music industry executive who was driving his Mercedes through the interception. When he ran out of ammunition, he pulled out a knife and began screaming, ‘Kill Me, I want to be killed’. He got his wish as officers who were called to the scene opened fire and he was pronounced dead at the scene.

According to his friends, he wasn’t a bad guy, he just got fed up.

Check out the video of Brehm’s shooting spree below:

This is scary and sad. You never know what people are going through and what they will do when they reach their breaking point. Last week, a lady in Texas killed her kids and herself inside of a welfare office after she was denied food stamps. Read about it here

Via US Today