[Video] Rick Ross and Kreayshawn Involved In Confrontation @ The VMAs

This past weekend, at the MTV Video Music Awards, ‘Gucci Gucci’ rapper Kreayshawn almost ‘wrote a check her azz couldn’t cash’ when she came face to face with Rick Ross, just weeks after talking wreckless about him. It almost got ‘too real’ backstage as Rick Ross’s crew exchanged words with Kreayshawn’s security which ultimately ended in her having to leave the area.  The tension started brewing a few weeks ago, when Kreayshawn dissed Rick Ross with a freestyle rap that contained the line:

“I’m about to grab a knife, you tryin’ to play me like a boss, But you faker than Rick Ross

She also continued to diss Rick Ross for being ‘fake’ in a Ustream video that surfaced of her and her ‘White Girl Mob’ cohort V-Nasty, recently:

“I really wanted to say, wait no, what I really wanted to say is Rick Ross ‘is’ fake. I bet you five dollars Rick Ross can’t find his d–k. Like he gave up [looking]. “

During the altercation between her crew and Rick Ross’ crew backstage at the VMA’s, Kreayshawn, who was hosting live on Ustream, turned to the camera and said:

“Oh my god! VMA wildness! Nobody likes Kreayshawn, but it’s ok. We all have fun, we all have fun out here. Things are getting a little too serious though. We had some jokes—I’m hella irritated right now. “

Rick Ross was asked about the ‘beef’ in an interview, shortly after she was escorted off and he mentioned that he just saw her running out of the building. Ba!

Kreayshawn is definitely not about that life.

Watch the backstage mayhem with Ricky and Krae below:

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