WHAT’S BEEF! Ray-J POPS OFF During Interview About SMACKING UP FABOLOUS This Weekend!

Showing off his “gangsta side,” Ray J called into “The Breakfast Club” this morning to pop off about punching Fabolous in the face during a brawl the two had in Las Vegas this weekend.  

Brace yourself for another East Coast vs. West Coast beef….this time it involves Fabolous and Ray J.  Yeah we barely believe either of them ourselves.

Ray-J called into “The Breakfast Club” this morning on Power 105 to discuss getting kicked out of The Palms Hotel after the fight he had with Fabolous in Las Vegas over the weekend. Of course, they were both there for the Mayweather vs. Ortiz fight.

But if the rapper/singer fight itself wasn’t enough, you’ll be SHOCKED to hear Ray-J going off in the interview.

He first called Fabolous the “F” word (emotional much?), then Ray descends into a profanity-laced conversation where he talks about how he smacked the rapper in the face for disrespecting him.  During the interview, Ray threatens Fab and tells him to stay off the West Coast!

The interview itself is a little disturbing because Ray’s “greasy” talk is that kind of mess that gets folks shot.  Among the many many unprintable lines, when asked about Fabolous, Ray said “I’m not playing games.  F*ck that N*gga.  And niccas saying Ray-J got beat up?!  I socked that nicca in the face!  These b*tch ass niccas…”

Ray said “He’s running from me right now! He wouldn’t even leave the club.  He scared.”  He also revealed that “his homies” saved Fab’s life before so he’s mad Fab is trying to disrespect him.  And that Fab never headbutted him.

So how did all this start?  A few days ago Fabolous said on Twitter,

“Nah but Floyd saying we havin a concert in my living room & the camera cuts to Ray J singing “One Wish” on the piano had me in tears!!

Get it..? Ray J concert in the living room!! *Lil Wayne voice*”

So Ray J and his camp took this as a diss.

Sigh…these are grown men with public personas and lots of fans.  I hope they squash this silly beef before anyone gets hurt.  Or slapped even harder….

I can’t believe Fab let Ray-J slap him up…AND go on the radio and talk about it.  SMDH….