will.I.am Denies Kanye’s BEP Breakup News; Talks Science, Education


(AllHipHop News) Will.i.am is vehemently denying any reports that the Black Eyed Peas are breaking up, despite statements made by Kanye West at an Austin City Limits concert last week.

Although the group is taking an indefinite hiatus as stated back in July, the Black Eyes Peas insisted that they will never “stop creating.”

Kanye performed last Friday at the Austin City Limits Music Festival on Friday and told the crowd: “Rest in peace to the Black Eyed Peas. You’re gonna be missed.”

Taking to Twitter, a clearly displeased will.i.am responded to West’s remarks saying, that the Chicago rapper was confused about the group’s hiatus.

“Maybe @kanyewest was stating the fact we will take a rest for a little bit,” will.i.am Tweeted. “but we the @bep will never die.never.impossible.”

While rumors have swirled around about why the group is taking a break, Fergie has been quoted saying that she wouldn’t mind taking a hiatus from touring, to spend more time with her husband, Josh Duhamel.

In other news, will.i.am also recently spoke out at a recent discussion at TheWrap’s media leadership conference, TheGrill, at the SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills.

Citing a state of clarity due to working with Obama on his presidential campaign in 2008, will.i.am is looking to take an active role in the development of science education in the United States.

“Obama changed me by reminding me how I could support my community,”
will.i.am stated. “My 7-year-old niece wants to be like Beyoncé, which is cool. She’s probably not going to want to be a code writer at Google. She doesn’t know about it. She doesn’t know about how much money she can make, or how she could get to travel. She won’t know that’s an option until we shine a light on it.”

Lamenting that some schools put more money into their high school sports programs than science education, will.i.am asked educators and school administrators to take a look at the real challenges facing today’s youth as many schools in the ghetto don’t even have science laboratories.