Yung Joc’s Studio Robbed : Equipment worth $50,000

Yung Joc’s studio was robbed Saturday night where two people were found tied-up , according to police.

Around 5.30 in the morning, police was called from northeast Atlanta where equipment worth $50,000 were robbed by bandits.

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The recording studio was actually a house which belongs to the homie Yung Joc, whose original name is YaMar Jon Robinson.

P.S. Joc got some big news that I will be reporting about later today!!!!

Atlanta Police spokesman Sgt. Curtis Davenport said that two armed man committed the robbery. The police statement also said that two caretakers of the recording studio was forced into house by the robbers and were bound with duct tape and zip ties.

The robbers also robbed an undisclosed amount of money in cash from the studio along with two long guns and reporting equipment.

Up until now, nobody was arrested.

Source: AccessAtlanta.