Yung Tone


A major part of the South’s success hip-hop is Atlanta, a music industry hotbed that has bred many top artists such as Ludacris, T.I., Usher, Outkast, Goodie Mob and many, many more. The success of these artistic legends has paved the way for Atlanta’s newest sensation. Yung Tone.   

Yung Tone was born and raised in College Park, Ga., which is deceivingly tucked away on Atlanta’s Southside. Tone grew up as a mischievous youngster but bypassed the many obstacles that have claimed so many College Park legends by playing sports. “Sports saved me from the streets and kept me out of trouble”. But, Tone first found his passion for rapping when he was seven years old. Influenced very early by Michael Jackson, LL Cool J, Run DMC, Tupac, Biggie and of course Outkast, Yung Tone rapped his days away with his cousins.

In high school, Tone had fully developed into a multi-talented, leader of his generation and a trendsetter for the next generation. “I have always been a leader and never a follower”, says Tone, “I always follow my own path”. This path led him to create his first group called C.E.O. (Causing Extreme Outburst). His buzz was building ad he soon started making mix tapes to serve his fellow classmates. These mixtapes showcased Tones multiple talents. Tone produced his own beats and recorded and produced all of the songs by himself, from a small studio in his room.

Yung Tone was first discovered at a Talent Show at Westlake High School where his C.E.O. group performed incredibly and captured the crowd. Since then Yung Tone has continued to have major success in the music industry. Tone has 5 songs placed on a major motion picture soundtrack “WHO’S YOUR CADDY”. He also is apart of the trio that made one of the hottest songs of 07’, “CRANK DAT SPIDERMAN”.  Crank Dat Spiderman made iTunes history for independent artist, selling just shy of 100,000 singles on iTunes.
As of now, Yung Tone has recorded over 1100 songs and still counting. He has released numerous mixtapes including America’s Future Vol.1, Welcome 2 Tonelanta, Orange City, Hit Me Up, Cake-A-Holik 1-5 and of course his most popular series “YUNG RICH & FAMOUS”.

Not only is he writing and producing his own records, he also has with other major artist such as Travis Porter, Young Dro, Rich Kids, Roscoe Dash, Montell Jordan, Mac Bre-Z, Yola Da Great, Case, Hurricane Chris, G-Fiive and many others. His single “BOOM” was definitely a memorable one accumulating over 50,000 worldstarhiphop views, over 6,000 YouTube views and an estimated 200,000 downloads. His latest single “NO CUFFIN” w/ Self Paid, Future & Stuey Rock, its an epidemic of its own heavily influencing the younger generation that it is ok to be single. With over 2000 t-shirts, 250,000 youtube views and southern radio stations spinning the song consistently it is sure to be a winner. The biggest trend of 2011 so far.

But despite all the success, Yung Tone is very humble and aware of all the people that have been there for him all his life. He is a firm believer of God and knows that as long as He stands with him, who can stand against him.

Yung Tone has a promising future in music that will take him places he is not aware of. With over 1.7 million plays on MySpace, nearly 3,000 twitter followers, an estimating 7 million YouTube views from CRANK DAT SPIDERMAN, a series of online sitcoms, his own label “THE TONEFIDE HEROS” and a rapidly growing fan base, it isn’t hard not to see that “THE FUTURE” is nearby.

Welcome to TONELANTA!